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Dispatches from the Front #3: Time to Stop the Conversation, Part II

Updated: May 29

Dispatches from the Front.

“It’s Time to Stop the Conversation”

Part II

Let’s take “Black Lyves Matter”.

Do Black Lyves Matter?

[NOTE to reader: Wherever you see an odd spelling it's deliberate so that the text reader voice will pronounce the word correctly].

First, the nice answer: YES, of course Black Lyves Matter.

But Which Ones, and to whom ?

And we have to ask

Are Black youth being “hunted down” by the racist police?

Is White Racism the cause of income differentials between Blacks and other ethnic groups?

Is America constructed upon “structural Racism?”

Are White People guilty of “unconscious racism?”

Are White people suffering from “White Fragility?”

The short answer is NO.

And it’s time that the answer stops right there at NO.

We are no longer interested in the very question of whether or not Black Lyves Matter, or whether not White Privilege is at the heart of an imagined structural racism.

We’re not going to answer any more stupid questions made up by University professors about the politics and the dynamics of oppression: Oppressed, oppressors, systemic racism, and White privilege.

We’re not dragging any more statistics out to argue what is a dis-ingenuine question from the start.

The statistics have already debunked the fundamental proposition:

1. That Black people are disproportionately killed by policemen

2. That structural racism exists, much less that it is a barrier to the advancement of People of Color.

And the people posing the issue know this- the leaders do.

So for the BLM front to continue to propose the argument is dis-ingenuine from the start.

For us to Continue to present an intelligent counter-argument is now a waste of time and a distraction to the call to action- which is where we now need to be engaged. ACTION. ACTIVE RESISTANCE. ÓFFENSIVE ACTIONS.

And NO, we don’t suffer from any unconscious anything, much less anything a university minion could possibly enlighten us about.

And no, the reason we don’t agree with you is not because we are either “uncomfortable talking about race", “fragile” or “unconscious racists”,

nor are we displaying our “White Privilege”, or any other made-up meaningless term when we say so. We don’t agree with you for exactly the reasons we have stated.

We are not uncomfortable talking about race- , but WE ARE refusing- to go along with your racial charade. We not only don’t agree with you, we are, in fact, in direct opposition to you!

And we are not alone in this resistance, there are increasingly millions of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc, who also are not on board with this insanity. And of course, for whom you Champagne Liberals have constructed suitably ugly names in order to marginalize and dismiss them: Porch Negro, Oreos, Coconuts, bananas, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum.

There are millions of People of Color who are vehemently opposed to the Regressive agenda, and their numbers are increasing and their voices getting louder.

We’ve heard all the terms and accusations. We’ve had them shoved in our face for the past 30 years and we’ve examined them thoroughly: and we are now saying- without hesitation- that we REJECT THEM. WE REJECT THEM ALL.

We categorically reject the hoax that is “Wokeness” in all of its manifestations. We understand it, we are not uncomfortable addressing it, and we reject it.

The answer to the question posed by the Black Lyves Matter is hoax and the short and a simple: NO.

We don’t care about your fake “Social Justice” hoax.

We don’t care about your “White Privilege” hoax.

We don’t care about your “Systemic Racism” hoax.

We don’t have to care, we are not compelled to care, and we are now saying it out loud, and clear, and to your face- that we don’t care.

And we would pose this rhetorical question in response;

What, pray tell, is the Solution to whatever “Black Lyves Matter” and “ Racism” is meant to address?

What is the solution that the promoters of BLM and the other hoaxes propose?

We ALL know the answer to that: It’s Socialism.

What a coincidence….who would have thought…our universities are promoting ….global socialism as a solution for imagined, or real, social injustices- really? How novel…how ingenious…..

So let’s get on with the real question:

Will we, the Non-Regressives - tolerate the emergence of a Socialist State in our midst, under the façade of Racial or Social Justice or any other virtuous sounding pretense?

That’s the real question.

And the answer is NO.

But if you truly feel there are problems and afflictions that the Black Nation suffers from, then feel free to address them….. on your own.

However- if the solutions entail any of the following:

1. Government legislation that calls for more government intrusion, more agencies and programs

2. Compulsory “grievance education” either for businesses, within the education system, or within the government…

3. Any extortion through taxation or any other means, as a form of compensation for those supposedly victimized by whatever grievances…real or unreal

The Answer is NO. And this NO is loud, clear, and militant.

It is backed up with an iron resolve and by whatever means at our disposal .

We will not tolerate any further movement towards government expansion masquerading under the list of pretenses formulated by the Universities, the Grievance Industry, and their political arm- the DemocRat party and its operatives within the mainstream media posing as journalists

We are well aware of what kind of “restructuring” the “progressive Liberal/Fascists” are calling for in order to rid the present Democratic Republic of “systemic racism.”

We are not interested in deconstructing the family or in deconstructing Western Civilization, or in paying restitution, or in abolishing some insane notion of “Whiteness”.

- Furthermore, we ARE NOT interested in Global Marxism in whatever shape, or form it might be presented in.

We are fully aware that what you are calling for is Global Socialism.

Whether you are calling for a “Democratic Socialism”, a National Socialism, or a Communist Socialism, or a continuing “Progressive Liberalism”, the answer is simple:

The answer is NO. There will NOT be any form of Socialism here in the United States of America.

That is, there will be NO form of Socialism without a Civil War.

If that’s what you want; a United Socialist States of America, that will in turn become, progressively, a designated sector within an emerging North American Economic Zone….then you will have to go to war for it.

And NO, we will not acquiesce in the face of any “election”. There will be no more voting for a Socialist state, any more than the instrument of voting was allowed to maintain the institution of Slavery or to maintain the institution of racial segregation under the “Jim Crow” laws. Those laws were also “voted” into being.

To get rid of those institutions required a Full Scale Civil War in the case of Slavery, and mass disobedience that bordered on a Civil War, in the case of the Civil Rights movement.

We are now prepared to do the same with regards to any further advancement towards a Socialist State.

Any more discourse and any more voting on the matter is now pointless.

But it needs to be pointed out that the vote in the United States has already been systematically abrogated over the past 5 years under the hoax of countering “voter suppression”, humanitarian “Immigration” and the “Russian Collusion Hoax”.

When cities led by Socialist bureaucrats can claim they are “Sanctuary Cities” and grant de-facto citizenship to illegal aliens, and with that, all the rights and privileges that we the voting taxpayers are paying for, privileges that our ancestors fought and died for, while at the same time, those same bureaucrats are rendering those same illegal aliens immunity from the laws of the land, the vote has already been abrogated.

It is becoming clear that “voting” no longer accomplishes the aims it was intended to accomplish.

When a duly elected president is systematically spied upon by the same government he was elected to lead, lied about and attacked by unelected bureaucrats - the vote has already been abrogated.

When Technology companies working as arms of the Socialist Democrat Party, censor and de-platform a president elected by at least half the nation, the means of communication have already been appropriated by the government. Elections at that point have already been abrogated.

When our of government has been systematically invaded and used as tools through which the vote of the public can be dismissed in order to pave the way for a Liberal Fascist Socialist Dictatorship under the directives of the DemocRat Party Elites, the vote has already been abrogated.

When tenured university professors who cannot be fired, are in charge of the entire nation’s education system, including the indoctrination of a nation’s children, and that polluted “education” system now teaches the children of that nation’s taxpayers to hate the very nation those same tax payers are paying their taxes to support, the vote has already been abrogated

When mobs of maniacs, produced by that same university system, are allowed to run through the streets attacking citizens and burning down private and public property, while bureaucrats educated in those same universities re-write the laws to grant the mob immunity from prosecution and instruct the police to stand aside and watch, the vote has already been abrogated.

So, in that light, to the POCs - whatever that term could possibly mean, the favorite fetish of the Socialist Fascists, we say this.

If the solution to the grievances of the Black Nation, and other People of Color, (again, whatever that term could possibly mean), is “socialism” then there is no solution.

If you truly believe that equality and the end of racism in the U.S. can only be achieved through the advancement of Socialism, then you must give up any hope of ever being free or equal and resign yourselves to living in a Racist Society.


Be prepared to go to war in order to achieve your goals.


…There will be no Socialist States of America without a Civil War. There will NOT.


having said that loud and clear,

I have an interesting suspicion…..something tells me….. that when the bullets start to fly, and the bloody knives come out in earnest, and the streets truly begin to run with blood,

the average Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, etc, etc, etc, PEOPLE OF COLOR, will admit to what they have known to be true all along, but were too afraid to say out loud for fear of retaliation from their own colleagues, their own friendly, tolerant cancel mob ,for fear of losing their jobs and their reputations. For fear of being attacked randomly in the streets or at restaurants.

They will have to admit that they are not really oppressed at all.

It won’t come as a shock because in reality they’ve known it all along.

There are more white university kids at the BLM demonstrations than Black People. More Black people on the police force than in the streets.

But when the looting starts- then there is suddenly a majority black presence. They didn’t show up much for the demonstrations, but they came out in mass for the easy, state sanctioned, looting.

What does that tell you about the actual commitment on the part of People of Color to BLM and to their actual experience of oppression?

Again, the majority of the People of Color show up in numbers for the easy, state sanctioned looting, while the majority of the rioters consist of indoctrinated white University students and the hired white thugs of the DemocRat party.

………….What a farce.


At the present time there are still ample incentives to play along with the oppression hoax; i.e. welfare checks, opportunities and benefits to be had from working in the NGO’s of the Grievance Industry, pre-prepared platforms for ambitious politicians, etc.

But I have the suspicion, that when blood truly begins to run in the streets, the average Person of Color, will admit to themselves, that they do not liv in a Racist society, and they Do Not suffer from the fiction of “Structural Racism”, no matter how many times the University psychopaths and their minions in the Media keep telling them.

At that point, when bullets dig into chests and heads, explosions blow body parts in the air, and people run down the street clutching their bleeding stomachs…..I predict that they, the “People of Color” the go-to fetish of the Liberal Fascist elites, will in great numbers decide to “sit this one out”.

Because the average Black person knows only too well that when they get up in the morning and set out into the world, of all the things that may or may not be afflicting them, living with the fear of “white racism” or “institutional structural racism” is simply not one of them. It is a fiction, it is a lie, perpetuated by the Universities and their spawn in the Media.

What the Black Nation, and any other POC, truly suffers from, are the illnesses inflicted upon them by the DemocRat party’s social programs and ideological poison. But then again, all of America is suffering from the cultural poison that the hate-filled halls of the Universities have infested us with. A poison that has been spread into the rest of society through the DemocRat Party, the Media, and now even through the secondary education system.

But make no mistake: the cesspool from which all the other streams issue from, is the University System. It is from within the universities that the disease was engineered and spread.

So- when many Black people all over America, are suddenly faced with the prospect of taking up arms and joining the bloodbath, a great many of the Black peoples, and perhaps even the majority, just might take a look at those degenerate white boys and girls running through the streets in their black pajamas, and take a good look at the “Champagne Liberals” egging those boys and girls on from their gated communities,- and they might just decide to tell the liberal black pajama mob to: “have at it”, “knock yourselves out”…. “Good luck!” “Power to the People!” … and “Let us know how it turns out”.

And when the white middle class kids in the streets led by their college professors see, that at the other end of the street, there are perhaps as many, or close to as many, People of Color, coming towards them, rather than walking with them, they will be truly dismayed.

At that point, I believe the Hoax will be up.

The Victimization Hoax will be exposed for what it truly is. A manufactured Grievance Industry deployed to pave the way for a Socialist Fascist Dictatorship, using “Social Justice” and “Racial Equity” as a smokescreen.

But we, the Keepers of the Constitutional Republic, cannot wait any longer for the Socialist Fascist elites and their administrative machinery to sucker more and more people to come across the southern border and join the ranks of the Welfare System, and then have their votes extorted from them by the same Fascist Liberals who lured them to come illegally across the border in the first place.

We cannot wait any longer for more voter fraud to be carried out in heavy Democratic Cities full of large concentrations of suckered “people of color” and stupefied University maniacs. We cannot tolerate A rampant system of voter fraud camouflaged as anti- “Voter Suppression” laws to permanently ensconce the Rat Party in power.

We must make it clear, that if they truly want a Socialist State to emerge here in the U.S. then they will have to fight and be willing to die for it.

Becaus, we the keepers of the democratic republic, the keepers of Western Civilization, are ready to do just that, in order to STOP IT.

And we are prepared and determined to do it, Now.

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