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Pearls of folly

"Rather Rule in Hell than be a Slave in Heaven"

                                              Satan ("Paradise Lost", by John Milton, 1667)

"Sur les murs de ma prison où je dois finir ma vie, je gratte ton nom de sang, Anarchie!".   -  Anonymous

["On the walls of my prison , where I  must live out my life, I scratch your name in blood, Anarchy!      - Anonymous]



"When the people are being beaten with a stick, they don't feel any better if  it's called The People's Stick"

                                                                      - Mikhail Bakunin

"When technology enables us to resist and break  any attempt at the monopolization of power, political ideologies will become obsolete.

Human self-organization  will at last become a truly lateral bottom-up  process".                                                                                                                                                                                                              -  JS888

The Hope of Technology is that it can    render ideologies obsolete

                                                                                                                                                                                  - JS888

Religion is the disease it seeks to cure...

                                                                                       - W. Gerard Poole (a very young JS888)

"The aim of  religion, the method of science"
                                                                        - Aleister Crowley

"What, you  went to college to learn  how to be stupid?"
                                               - Sonny Corleone , to Michael Corleone,  in    The Godfather

"Nothing enrages a eunuch more than  the sight of a fully intact man proudly displaying his balls"
                                                             - JS888

"Wander along and sing, in the King's palace his daughter awaits thee"
                                                       - Crazy Crowley

"All  real knowledge is, or becomes, contraband"
                                                               - JS888

"The road to Wisdom lies in excess"
                                                           - William Blake

"From the Hall of the Sky  Gods, with the Falling Rain, comes the  Thunder from Heaven, to cleanse the Soul again...The Screams of the Angels, giving birth to the sword, the  slaves in the Temples, bowing down to their Lords....War, in Heaven...War, on Earth..."   
                                                                 -from Gothic Anthem, by   JS888 (WGP)

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