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Flamenco  and    Flamenco  Fusion

My Flamenco, and Flamenco Fusion

My Flamenco, and Flamenco Fusion

My Flamenco, and Flamenco Fusion
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No Se Baila (Esta Rumba)

No Se Baila (Esta Rumba)

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"Journey to Santa Fe:    An   American Odyssey"
-My next  ouvre . It is a Music Drama based on my adventures on the way, and in, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"La  Mora" was the  theme song I was composing along    my cross-country motorcycle trip- Atlanta, New Orleans,  Los Angeles, Santa Fe. At the time I was listening to Industrial and starting to  learn Flamenco.

Moi, on the way out of Atlanta with Oliver- the beginning of "Journey to Santa Fe; An American Odyssey". 


PsychoActive8- a Rap/Metal band ahead of its time (circa 1988-1991)

Oliver and Andy, the front men of PsychoActive8. Oliver was the main rapper, and Andy rapped and beat-boxed.

Yours truly, wrote most of the music.

(story  coming  soon)


Cem   Özkan, from Istanbul, Turkey, was a fellow marauder. He helped arrange, record, and came up with   several of the themes....he was , and is still, a great friend!

In Istanbul he is a well-known singer, composer, and producer

His Facebook:

Dies Irae, The Rakes, and Poison (not that  other band) spanned from late  70's to mid 80's.

Drummers came and went, but the core remained:

Moi, Gerard- lead vocals and guitar

Paul- Keyboards and vocals

John Mark- bass

The three of us met at the University of Georgia    music school. A lot of stories, for another time.


The Early Atlanta Years


Being in a Rock Band is like being part of a Viking raiding party- always in search of inspiration, plunder and booty. It never get's old.  Unfortunately, we do.


The photo above is a recent John Mark, still playing the bass in the Atlanta area under the name of "Cousin Chickens" (He has a Face Book page). In the Poison Photo above, he's the second from the left- with the smirk on his face


Special note: The female backup voice you hear on Headhunter,  Rich Kid's Reggae, and Don't Call Me was my then-girlfriend/partner-in-crime, then wife, then x,   Carrie Springer.

My Classical Guitar Senior Recital
Classical Guitar Performance
University of Georgia, Athens, 1976

You cannot help but notice the poor quality of the recording...hard to believe that that reel-to-reel aged far worse than the cheap cassettes the band music was transferred to.

Furthermore,  the Zambra Granadina, by Albéniz, was almost entirely deleted because the  recording "engineer" was  evidently asleep at the controls and  didn't notice the tape had run out ...

UGA Recital Program_edited.jpg

My  Bubble  Gum
(a ludicrous episode)


Sometimes I   look back and I  just have to ask myself.....what was I thinking?

For "The End of the World" I had envisioned a video featuring  a huge    old white bearded GOD in diapers with a potbelly hurling lighting bolts and rocks down at a terrified multitude while a chorus line of Nuns dance    a Can-Can   singing : "it's  almost, it's almost  time...For the End of the World", and    a procession of   Satyrs  wail  on their kazoos...

The  beginning of the mischief      ...