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"When technology enables us to resist and break any attempt at the monopolization of power, political ideologies will become obsolete.
Human self-organization will at last become a truly lateral bottom-up  process."
                                                                - moi, Gerard
                                                                    aka JS888


""When the people are being beaten with a stick, they don't feel any better if it's called The People's Stick"

          - Mikhail Bakunin


Greetings Visitors,

Anarchists, Libertarians, Political Tourists, and fellow participants in the Simian Circus.

My background is Cuban-American. I know that carries some caché, even some social capital among the POC fetishists, but really I'm very happy with both sides of my family and all the extended family members on both sides feel the same way too...thank you.

I was a classical guitarist and a rock musician who ended up in Flamenco- long story. I have begun a "My Music" page on this site to chronicle that seemingly incongruous transformation.

But even more bizarre is the fact that I was supposed to have been thoroughly house-trained by the Academy, or so they thought, when I attained to a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology. 

Below are a set of websites that will trace for the curious, an outline of my musical, philosophical, and academic activities. Just click on any  thumbnail.

I hope you will take an interest in my evolving philosophy of Techno-Anarchism, along with my cultural and academic writings, enough to engage with me and see where it might lead.

The political chemistry in the West is about to ignite. Let's not be mere bystanders in our own history, our own biographies. 

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This is my general Academic site. I will be replacing it one section at a time with an updated site.



My Front Page for all the subjects I taught at the Art Institute of Washington.


My stalled travel and "Technomad" blog. It is also the site wherein I introduced my concept of the Itinerant Field Professor (IFP). I hope to get back on the road soon.




My brief sortie into the field of music and neurology.

The entrepreneurial venture that has been occupying most of my time for the past 5 years. Three patents, four pending, six prototypes...still at it. It's exciting.

This is perhaps my most important      site although it is at present one of the least developed.

It is here that I will continue the work into how culture and the Ecstatic Experience are related.

I'm This is the site for my explorations in TechnoAnarchism. I have an optimistic hope about the future relationships between power and technology.


Thanks! Message sent.

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