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A Discussion on Burning Man with Semiogogue

I will be posting on my experiences with Burning Man, what drew me to it, and why I still have an interest in it. I feel it may be a manifestation of deeply rooted impulses within the Indo-European peoples that relate to how we self-organize culturally and socially.

It bears mentioning here that Burning Man was a continuation of my work at the Processional Pilgrimage of El Rocio., that was the basis for my Doctoral Dissertation. You can find my dissertation and related work at the website for The Society for Music, Ritual, and the Ecstatic Experience []

This discussion with my good friend Oliver Perrin (Semiogogue) is an initial foray into the subject.

You can hear Oliver rapping on the PsychoActive8 recordings on this website under the "My Music" page, or by clicking on his photo and scrolling down to the PsychoActive8 recordings.

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